is sudha murthy maharashtrian?

 is sudha murthy maharashtrian?

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is sudha murthy maharashtrian?

No, sudha Murthy is not Maharashtrian , sudha Murthy was born in the Karnataka near shiggaon in educated Brahmin family 

  • Sudha Murthy is the daughter of R. H. Kulkarni who is one of the population surgeon

  • His mother's name is Vimala Kulkarni who is a school teacher. 

  • Sudha  Murty completed her education in the  A B.Eng. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering field from the   B.V.B. College of Engineering & Technology

  • Also she completed her M.Eng. in Computer Science degree from the   Indian Institute of Science.

  • According to the above information you understand , Sudha Murthy is not from the maharashtra but one important thing is that she speaks fluent Marathi language .

  • Sudha Murthy lived in Pune City and was doing her job in a telco company. That's why she speaks fluent Marathi..

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