Can girls-women join bajrang dal?

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can girls-women  join bajrang dal?

Yes, bajrang dal has a special female wing which is popularly known as the Durgavahini.

  • Basically the Durga Vahini is known as the Army of Durga which is one of the important woman's wings in the bajrang dal

  • This Durga Vahini was formed in 1991 under guidance of Sadhvi Rithambara. 

  • The main motto of this women wings is the empower women, fight against inequality

  •  They conducted various camps and study camps for their members where they teach various activities regarding VHP.

Here's the detailed data regarding Durga Vahini just read and understand it properly..

Name : Durga Vahini

Formation date : 1991; 32 years ago

Motto of the durga Vahini :  active women wings of  Vishva Hindu Parishad

Headquarters location ' New Delhi, India

Country :India

Language : Hind and english

Parent organization name : Vishwa Hindu 



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