Meesho scratch/ luck draw and win real or fake?

 Meesho scratch/ luck draw and win real or fake?

Hey readers, in this short guide, I am going to share detailed information about the scratch and win progress by meesho ?

Let's get started..

meesho scratch and win real or fake

meesho scratch and win is totally fake because mess has not officially announced about their scratch and win programs!

I try to search about meesho scratch and win programs on Google, facebook, meesho official website and other important blogs.

But don't able to find more information about this scratch and win programs. 

When I search their official website, we don't find it. Hence, according to my research, I think it's fake .

If you have  any detailed information about it Then you can tell us in the comments section below. 

meesho lucky draw fake or real

I think the meesho lucky draw is fake because meesho has not announced any detailed information about their lucky draw yet. 

Hence when you visit the meesho official website 😉 that's time you can saw mess like this 

Meesho's official website has informed their customers. Many people are using the meesho name in illegal work to collect information .

If you do not have such illegal scams then you can report these scams at


I think it is totally fake because meesho has not officially announced any updates about luck draw and scratch and win programs. 

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