real or fake? real or fake

Hey readers in this shorts guide, today's we are going to discussing more About the another frequently asked question which is about the rela or fake ?

Eo you want to know more about it .if you're answer is yes then you can read this guide till the end. real or fake ?

Bikayi .com is the real ans genuine website. Bikayi is one of the best  WhatsApp-integrated E-commerce store platform where customers can open their shop and earn money 💰 by using social media platforms. 

They allow you to use and promote products on social media platforms like facebook, whatsapp 

By using the, you can create the best product catalogs that help you to share with customers ans sell your products. provides amazing features like 

  • Shopping Cart

  • Promotions Management

  • Product Configurator

  • Order Management

  • Customer Accounts

  • Catalog Management

  • Email Marketing

  • Returns Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Channel Management

  • SEO Management

According to this information, is the real website but be careful from the order any product 😉 

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