friendly loan app review?

 friendly loan app review

Hey readers, today's guide is very special about the other frequently asked questions which is about the friendly loan app?

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friendly loan app review?

I don't recommend to take loan from the friendly loan app because it's not good application to take loan 🙃. 

When I started to read the people's reviews on the playstore, that's when I realized that most people were giving negative reviews about this app. 

According to all information,  I don't recommend taking loans from this type of  loan  application. 

If you want to take a personal loan then . You can refer to the following APP. 

Here's a detailed list ..

  • PaySense

  • Money Tap

  • Dhani

  • Nira

  • CASHe

  • PayMe India

  • India Lends

  • Money View

  • mPokket

This are the best application to take loan online 👏 

  • Name :friendly loan app 

  • App type: loan app

  • Download: 500k plus 

  • Review: 5k

  • Play Store availability: yes 


I don't recommend this application to you.

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