Youtube ban in India real or fake?(Check now)

 Youtube ban in India real or fake?(Check now)

Hey readers, today's guide is specially dedicated to another one frequently asked question, which is about the youtube ban.

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Youtube ban in India real or fake?

Fake, Youtube ban india is not real. It's totally fake 😒 mostly people are confused about this frequently asked questions but the real truth is youtube is not ban in india 

But government of india banned 16 youtube channel who spread the fake / fake information to the people 🙄 

Keep in mind ,the Government banned youtube channels, not youtube ..

Government of india explains that's they banning some youtube channel which spread the fake information in society and spread fake news about the

  •  national  security,

  •  India’s foreign relations, 

  • communal harmony in india 

Here's is the details list of youtube channel which government of india banned 😑..

  • Saini Education Research

  • Hindi Mein Dekho

  • The study time

  • Latest Update


  • Technical Yogendra

  • Aaj te news

  • SBB News

  • Defense News 24x7

  • Tahaffuz-E-Deen India

  • Aaj Tak Pakistan

  • Discover Point

  • Reality Checks

  • Kaiser Khan

  • The Voice of Asia

  • Bol Media Bol

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